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Cool Rustic Mink King X Bed


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Cool Rustic Mink King X Bed

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A warm, inviting king-sized bed made with solid maple and X-designed headboard.

  • Color: Mink
  • Made in the USA
  • Rustic appeal with heavy distressing created through rasping and other saw marks.
  • Solid American Maple and Birch

Dimensions: 81″W x92″D x 63″H

Weight: 294 lbs.



  • VAUBAS 170-667 Cool Rustic Mink headboard
  • VAUBAS 170-766 Cool Rustic Mink footboard
  • VAUBAS 170-933 Cool Rustic Mink rails
  • VAUBAS MS-MS2 metal support slats


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